Rise up, O Lord, in all your power.
With music and singing we celebrate your mighty acts
Psalm 21 :3


The Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry will call a new generation of believers into being revivalists like Smith Wigglesworth who walked in the presence of God, helped others have supernatural encounters that led to true faith and demonstrate the KINGDOM with supernatural signs.

Celebrate Revivalists

We raise up revivalists who demonstrate the gospel with supernatural power. Following the command of Jesus in Matthew 8v10 to “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!”

Celebrate Reformation

We celebrate when revival becomes reformation that affects families, communities, cities and nations. We celebrate reformation occurring in every aspect of society and bringing God’s Kingdom – His rule and reign.



We raise up passionate disciples who take risks, love the lost and give to the poor and bring the Kingdom of God to earth. We value taking risks in healing, raising the dead and sharing the good news.

Celebrate Relationships

We create a culture where each individual lives in the identity God gives them and a culture of honour. Celebrating relationships means we learn to grow through mistakes and live in our destiny. We celebrate the intimate relationship we get to have with God and live valuing His presence in our lives.

Testimony from students:-

“I wholeheartedly recommend CSSM. I have been a Christian 38 years and have sat under some excellent teaching, but nothing changed my behaviour as dramatically as this course.  I am closer now to my First Love than I have ever been – this is a direct result of attending CSSM. This course has taught me how to live as Jesus lived, demonstrating the Kingdom and living in the supernatural on a daily basis.”  Irene Grainger Second year student

 “I have found CSSM to be truly life transforming. It has deepened my faith and walk with God and I am stepping out in putting what I have learnt into practice in my everyday   life. “Ellen Beckett Second year student